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My Approach

Mind. Body. Spirit. Earth.

I want YOU to be empowered in your health journey. You get the opportunity to peel away and shed the layers that do not serve you to allow you to step into the next amazing evolution of yourself. Let's hit the "pause button." Take a moment in your busy life to take a look at where you are at and where you want to go. When we work together, I take a "No Stones Unturned" approach to healing. When we meet, we dive deep to get to the root of your concerns while also reflecting on the vision of your life.

What is the deeper teaching in this experience?

How can you grow?

Can you feel the growth and transformation?


I combine herbalism and wellness coaching to help you work through your symptoms and concerns. This process helps you build your health and well being. It is a whole body and whole life approach. Be empowered and feel supported in your journey in profound healing through herbalism and wellness coaching.


Why Herbalism?

Plants are our teachers.

I am passionate about health, healing, AND plants! Herbs can help make suggestions to nudge the system to right itself to resume flow where you have become "stuck." It is fascinating how herbs can help with the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of our selves. By nudging the body with carefully selected herbs and flower essences, you can peel away the layers that do not serve you to elevate your wellness!


This is not a "use this for that" approach. I listen to your story and symptom patterns to carefully select herbs that match your individual needs. With appropriate precautions in place, herbs can be used safely as a complement to conventional medical care or as an alternative. I also use tongue, facial, & skin assessment and pulse testing to further narrow down the herbs and dosing.

I have an apothecary of 100+ herbal tinctures plus a variety of herbal infused oils & salves. I also carry locally grown dried herbs for teas and for a variety of other uses. The alcohol based herbal tinctures I have prepared have been freshly harvested locally, ethically, and sustainably. I also offer fresh plant infused oils, salves plus dried herbs.

The herbs selected generally speak to the overall needs of your body to allow the whole body to function in harmony. Nature freely provides us plants that can be used as medicine to help us move through life. 

Herbal Benefits

Herbal suggestions unique to you, your symptoms, and your story.

Herbs can help support your whole quantum being - the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of yourself. I also call this multi-dimensional healing.


Here are examples of the possible benefits:

  • Acute Illnesses & Needs

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Clarity in thinking

  • Digestion

  • First-Aid

  • Emotional & Spiritual Well Being

  • Hormones. PMS.

  • Immune Function

  • Lymphatic System

  • Neurology

  • Sleep

  • Vitality

  • And so much more! Contact me!!

It is important to note that if you are taking pharmaceuticals, that you stay connected with your primary care provider. 

Quantum Approach?

Your Wheel of Life shows you the map to your life.

In Wellness coaching, we look at your Wheel of Life which shows you the map to your current state. I help you discern the areas which may be preventing you from feeling the vitality you deserve. Some of these areas include: 

Confidence. Career. Finances. Health. Relationships. Food.


We go deep to talk about dietary, self care, and lifestyle considerations to add to your protocol. A protocol may include herbal suggestions and/or lifestyle considerations.

Envision a watch with gears or a system like a car. If one gear gets thrown off, then all of the other gears eventually get thrown off. Things start to become out of balance and there is dissonance. Our bodies act in a similar fashion when it becomes off but our bodies are much more complicated than a watch or a car. It is important to get to the root of the matter. By ignoring and masking your symptoms, you are inherently bypassing an opportunity to release all that does not serve you and you continue to hold onto old patterns and habits that continue to be obstacles in your life. 

Through wellness coaching, we can take a deep dive so you can re-connect to who you are at the soul level and show up as your authentic self.

What is soulful healing?

Listening to the Voice of the Soul within the Body's Symptoms.

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