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Connecting YOU 

to your 

Inner Cosmos


Divine Spark

Quantum Shamanic Herbalist
Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Consults available for Acute & Constitutional needs

Minnneapolis + St. Paul, Minnesota




Are you desiring to ignite your Divine Spark!?!

Feeling stuck on your Soul's Journey?

Looking for Positive Shifts?
Discover how Quantum Shamanic Herbalism & Bach Flower Essences can support YOU!
We will get to the root of your health concerns and rebuild the foundation of your health so you can live your truth in alignment with the New Earth. 

The Time is NOW!



The Ascension Process from the 3D to 5D is here.

Take the time to reflect.

Can you hear your soul? 

What is your soul saying

to you?
What do YOU desire to step into in the next evolution of yourself?

What is holding you back?

Join me on my reflections!

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