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Herbal Products

My apothecary I lovingly call 'Solara Soul Apothecary' contains 100+ ethically wild crafted herbs PLUS I also grow plants for medicine in my organic garden in the city AND at a community garden in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

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Everyone is exposed to Heavy Metals, Mold, Parasites, Pathogens, & Toxins. I have the full CellCore muscle testing kit of problems & solutions. 

Contact me for a consultation to get to the root of the root of your concerns.

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Contact me for my practitioner code to purchase CellCore products.


LiveWave Phototherapy

LifeWave phototherapy patches reawaken your inner vitality. These light activated patches tap into your body’s own natural flow of energy enhancing communication to make change within your body.

Simple & extremely easy to use! 

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This link contains an abundance of information.

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Bach Flower & Other Essences

Experience balance and greater inner peace through subtle healing from Bach Flower Remedies

I am able to offer both flower remedies and herbal medicine in one consultation.

I also have handcrafted enhances and a select few essences from FES. 

The handcrafted essences are listed in my Full Product List.

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Experience greater coherence with frequency healing from the Healy. There are frequencies for every aspect of your life.

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Plexus Gut Healing

Gut Healing products to give your gut microbiome tender loving care & attention.

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