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My apothecary contains 80+ ethically wild crafted herbs PLUS I also grow plants for medicine in my organic garden in the city AND at a community garden in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Herbal crafts I offer:
~Hand crafted fresh plant tinctures. Internal and Topical use.
~Hand harvested dried herbs for herbal infusion blends & topical needs.
~Seasonal syrups like Elderberry Syrup & Herbal Iron Syrup.
~Cold infused herbal salves and oils. Plantain, Calendula, and St. John's Wort are very popular
~Body Butter, Lotions, and Cream. Lovely and naturally luxurious.

My herbal products are available by contacting me direct. They are available to pick up direct from me OR they can be shipped to you.

Bach Flower Essence Consultations are here!I can offer both Flower essences and herbal medicine in one consultation.Connect with me!

Concerns with Gut Health!?! I also offer an approach to rebalancing, restoring, and reinvigorating the foundation of health - our gut - with nutritional products. Our gut is the foundation of our body. There are good and bad microbes in our microbiome and the balance between them plays an important role in many aspects of our well being. Our digestion, immune system, weight, mood, sleep, hormones, and more. When we pair gut healing with herbs we can experience greater healing potential!

Check out the Gut Healing products here >

I am here to Support YOU! Contact me today!

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